Bully Cat


Bully Cat
is very fat
and smelly

his body
is mostly
his belly

Bully Cat
is lazy
and nasty

lying down
he’s like a crazy
Cornish pasty

Bully Cat
his owner

he eats her food
but deep down
he’s a loner

Bully Cat
is very far
from housetrained

and further still
from bird-trained
or mouse-trained

for Bully Cat
will go where
he pleases

and every time
he kills something –
he teases!

Bully Cat
is merciless
to other cats

to smaller cats
and kitten cats
and mother cats

and as for dogs, well,
Bully Cat
dismisses them!

he spits them
he claws them
he hisses them!

Bully Cat
tattoos those
who mess with him

so children tend
to play less
and less with him

Bully Cat
bit a girl
who kissed him

he died last week
and no one
missed him