Cat aloof
Cat slightly distant
Cat elusive
Cat resistant

Cat conservative
Cat normal
Cat respectable
Cat formal

Holy Cat
Cat full of piety
Cat a pillar
Of society

Cat on catnip
Cat demonic
Flying Cat
Cat supersonic

Cat delighted
Cat in clover
Falling down
And rolling over

Cat who’s pals with you
Cat chummy
Cat who lets you
Rub its tummy

Cat disgruntled
Cat offended
Angry Cat
With claws extended

Cat with secret plans
Cat serious
Cat subversive
Cat mysterious

Night time Cat
With things to do
Cat at catflap
Peering through

Cat licentious
Cat appalling
Cat a-prowling

Cat worn out
Cat unamusing
Daytime Cat
On cushion, snoozing

Cat angelic
Cat with wings
Cat a list
Of lovely things

Cat majestic
Cat supreme
Victorious Cat-

Gently purring
Cat harmonic
Cat who loves me
Cat a tonic!