Round and Round the Haunted House

a ghastly bedtime romp


All around the Haunted House
A Ghostly Presence lingers
Sends a shiver up your spine
And tickles you on the fingers!

Monsters may be hiding
Hiding under your bed
Reaching up a hairy arm
To tickle you on the head!

Werewolves in the bushes
Werewolves in the trees
Herewolves and Therewolves
Tickle you on the knees!

Mary had a Phantom Lamb
Its fleece was black as soot
It chased her round the garden
And tickled her on the foot!

Skeletons with thick bones
Skeletons with thin bones
Skeletons with trombones
Tickle you on the shinbones!

Campfires are burning
As nights are getting colder
Campfires for Vampires
Who tickle you on the shoulder!

Ogre on a skateboard
Ogre on a scooter
Ogre on a pogo stick
Tickle you on the hooter!

Trolls playing Patience
Trolls playing Whist
Waiting in the basement
To tickle you on the wrist!

Boggart in the doorway
(Better call for Mummy!)
Boggart coming your way
To tickle you on the tummy!

First you see the Bogeyman
Then he disappears
And when you least expect it
He tickles you on the ears!

Where do Aliens come from?
They come from outer space
Why do they come here?
To tickle you on the face!

Does a Goblin knock? No!
Does he ring the bell? No!
He comes in through the window
And tickles you on the elbow!

Round and round the Haunted House
Broomsticks fill the air
Witches wait till you’re asleep