Split in Two (Take No Thought…)


Be single minded in the things you do
Try not to let yourself be split in two
Know this – it takes a special kind of clot
To be in scary places where you’re not

Reliving what the bastards did to you
And keeping all your grudges in plain view
Reveals you as that grumpy kind of arse
Who won’t forgive what’s happened in the past

And when you feel it’s time to fast and pray
Don’t do it in the hope that folk will say
“My god, just look at him, he’s really cool!”
God’s not impressed, you phoney fasting fool

To try and base your sorry sense of worth
On all the things that you’ve amassed on earth
Your houses, horses, money, status, power
That lumps you with an unappealing shower

And if you’re always looking for offence
Complaining on the flimsiest pretence
Then everything you see will look like shit
And you’ll be called a misanthropic twit

And do you think that worrying all day
Will keep the final reckoning at bay?
Don’t live in fear of accidents and bugs
Best leave that to the regiment of mugs

And if we’re talking spiritual disasters
Another one is trying to serve two masters.
If “What’s the bottom line?” is where you’re at
Then take a bow, you money-grubbing prat

And if you live from mealtime to mealtime
You’re functioning in virtual, not real-time
When your profoundest comment is a burp
Congratulate yourself on being a twerp

And when it comes to articles of clothing
Do not give ear to demons of self-loathing
We all think we’re too skinny or too plump
But in God’s eyes you’re beautiful, you chump!

Each day that passes brings its load of sorrow
Why bulk it out with cargo from tomorrow?
To give your mind unnecessary work
Cements your reputation as a jerk

So try to let your guard down and relax
By swapping dread-filled fantasies for facts
Do not be ruled by fear of missing out
Let confidence dismantle your self-doubt
Reveal yourself exactly as you are
And earth shall see your special, shining star


Matthew 6:13-34

(The Greek phrase “me merimnate” is variously translated as  “do not worry” “take no thought” or “be not anxious”, but the root of the word “merimnao” means to divide or separate.)