Onward Hopeful Golfers


Onward hopeful golfers, crawling towards the green,
Such a bunch of hackers rarely has been seen.
Pausing on the backswing to intone a prayer,
Hurrying the downstroke, groaning in despair.

Onward hopeful golfers
Marching to the green
Joy before and after
Sorrow in between.

See the hapless foursome, flailing in the rough:
One heads for the clubhouse, having had enough.
Three remain united, struggling to the last.
One more trial before us, seventeen are past.

Onward hopeful golfers
Marching to the green;
Hope before and after,
Horror in between.

Resolution grips us on the eighteenth tee:
If one breaks a hundred, what a victory!
How the caddy quivers, as he holds the pin
See the ball approach the cup – see it tumble in!

Homeward hopeful golfers
Exultant from the fight.
Joy grows out of sorrow,
Day shall follow night.

Onward then ye golfers, join our happy band.
Never let experience get the upper hand!
We are not discouraged, no matter how we play,
Certain that tomorrow will be better than today.

Onward hopeful golfers,
Fearless from the tee,
Out of bounds or fairway,
What will be, will be.