Son of Man

Lord of Lords and King of kings
Son of God, the Paschal Lamb
Prince of Peace, Immanuel
Called myself the Son of Man

Call me Christ, the Truth, the Life
Mighty God, the Great I AM
Though you place me on a throne
I am still the Son of Man

Common as your daily bread
Broken, passed from hand to hand
You may speak of virgin birth
I was born the Son of Man

Not a poet, or a priest
Just a simple artisan
Making tables out of wood
Father’s business, Son of Man

Hidden treasure in a field
Search for it as best you can
Joy of work is all you’ll find
Blessings of the Son of Man

I’m the grit that made the pearl
Hidden yet within the clam
Asking questions like a child
Awkward little Son of Man

I’m your boy who went astray
Wayward sheep that ran and ran
Coin that fell behind the stove
Lost and homeless Son of Man

I’m that bleeder in the ditch
I’m the Good Samaritan
I’m the Levite, I’m the Scribe
We are all the Son of Man

I’m the one who took the blame
I’m the love they tried to ban
Stone the builder could not use
Oft-rejected Son of Man

Dip the bread and taste the wine
Judas with his subtle plan
Take the money, plant the kiss
Disappointing Son of Man

I’m the trunk they nailed me to
Dealer with a losing hand
I’m the dying grain of wheat
Resurrected Son of Man

When you meet me face to face
In the place where we began
See yourself reflected there
Recognise the Son of Man