The Breath of God

I’m sure you will have heard or read,
How Jesus came back from the dead,
And how the women brought the news
To those in hiding from the Jews,
And that the Saviour did appear
To men who’d given in to fear,
Who’d locked the doors and said a prayer.
Well, this is true, and I was there.

I’m normally the quiet type,
Not keen at all on fuss or hype.
I had no interest in fame,
So there’s no record of my name.
If few have asked for my report,
It’s probably because I’m short,
And softly spoken, shy and pallid,
But still I think my words are valid,
And my account is just as true,
As those who had a better view.

There was a stillness in that room,
A sense as of impending doom.
We stared in terror at the door,
And felt the knock must come for sure,
That they would come and find us there,
And take us to we knew not where,
Perhaps to suffer like the boss,
And hang and die upon a cross.

But then, just after half past nine,
I felt a tingle down my spine.
I shook my head, I blinked my eyes,
I nearly fainted from surprise!
As if locked doors did not exist,
There’s Jesus standing in our midst!
“Peace be with you all,” he said.
“It’s okay chaps, I am not dead.

“Here, feel my hands, they are not cold.
Be not afraid, but brave and bold!
I can’t stay long, I have to go,
So here is what you need to know:
There’s work I hadn’t time to do,
And that is why I’m sending you,
To spread my message far and wide.”
And then he stopped, and sort of sighed,
Or breathed upon us, which was odd,
And said, “Receive the Breath of God!

“When you’re forgiven for your sin,
It’s just as if you’re breathing in,
But if a grudge you choose to bear,
You’ll suffocate for lack of air.
Your bitterness will grow and grow,
So breathe it out and let it go.
The breath of God goes in and out –
Breathe in belief, then breathe out doubt.
Drink deep of grace but don’t forget,
To pass it on is better yet!”

Then, as we pondered what this meant,
Exactly as he came, he went.
He breathes, he speaks, he calms our fears,
Then suddenly he disappears!
Though it was late I wasn’t tired,
I felt elated and inspired.

His words had got me wondering
About that story of the king,
Whose servant came before the throne
To talk about his massive loan.
The debtor begged upon his knees
And offered futile guarantees,
But, seeing he was so upset,
The king just cancelled out his debt.

The man was filled with hope and joy,
He left the king and found a boy,
Who owed to him a single groat.
He took the poor chap by the throat
And when he found he could not pay,
He had the young man locked away.
The king found out of course and then
The massive debt was owed again.
His failure to pass on the grace
Returned him to his starting place.
He’d been forgiven, all was well,
Why get back on the carousel?

So breathe it in and let it go,
The love of God depends on flow.
To hold it back increases strife
And leaves you with the husk of life.
We see ourselves reflected in
The mirror of our neighbours’ sin,
And so, to treat them graciously,
Rebounds the gift to you and me.

Apologies – I’ve rambled on.
I’ll leave the rest to Matt and John,
Who being taller men than me,
Witnessed things I did not see.
When everything is done and dusted,
You must choose who can be trusted.

God knows why you’d trust the word of
Some bloke no one’s ever heard of.