The Charge of the It’ll-be-Alright Brigade


Vote to leave! Vote to leave!
Vote to leave Europe!
Reins in our hands again,
Feet in the stirrups.
There on the bus we read,
Cash for the ill, it said.
Long may Britannia reign!
Stop moaning! Cheer up!

“Brexit means Brexit” – May
What a daft thing to say!
Surely the PM knew
Voters had blundered.
Hers then to make reply,
Hers then to reason why,
Not to stand idly by,
Killing the country while
All the world wondered.

Mogg to the right of her,
Corbyn to left of her,
Rabb at the front for her,
None of them aiding.
Harassed and barraged,
Borissed and Faraged,
Taking her Chequered stance,
Dancing her dorkish dance,
Sad and degrading.

Reckless the game they played,
Zero the plans they’d made,
Zero the fucks they gave,
Promising freedom while
Seeking for glory.
Cameron, Gove and Co.,
Where did the bastards go?
Banks and the Russians –
What other seeds were sown?
What’s the true story?
Britain lies broken, thanks,
Thanks to the Tories.

Ireland? What is their fate?
Scotland? We’re all irate!
Still there’s no real debate,
No new referendum.
Thousands have marched to say,
“Listen Theresa May,
Brexit has had its day,
Bring on the People’s Vote!
Europe won’t go away.
Neighbours make Britain great,
Let’s not unfriend ’em!”

Shame on the Brexiteers,
Foolish their hopes and fears,
All the world wondered.
Say not, “Our fate is sealed!”
How shall the rift be healed
Once we are sundered?


13 November 2018